rainbow over the Jura

Littlehouseinthegarden.com is a blog about life on the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva, framed by the viewpoint that the world – starting with one’s own back yard – deserves to be treated in a more sustainable way.    Here you will find ideas and information related to all things sustainable/green/eco/family/common sense-living inspired by my garden, my neighborhood and the region of France and Switzerland around Geneva.

I garden therefore I am

I’m genfgardener, a freckly Canadian-British-Swiss woman and mother.    I couldn’t live without my family, a roof over my head, plantlife, the outdoors and my favourite gardening tool.  I love to sing, dance, meditate, do yoga, bake, forage for food, walk in nature, and garden. I care about living sustainably, helping my children understand where food comes from by growing it in our own garden and picking it wild, and my idea of retail therapy is discovering treasures in charity shops and vide greniers/car boot sales/garage sales. Preparing feasts and feeding a table full of people is my favourite way to cook, especially when I’ve grown some of it myself and know that it’s all healthy, organic and if not healthy then seriously yummy.

My motto is more of a request: may we live long, happy, healthy lives.




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