Vegetable basket – go for it!

Our village’s community-supported agricultural scheme at “Les Jardins du Renard“, which comes in the form of a weekly organic vegetable basket, has just started the 2016 season.    The association that acts on behalf of the farmer is taking on members.     You sign up for the year and can pay in monthly installments.    Each week  there’s a basket of freshly picked vegetables ready to take home.  No, you can’t choose what you take, but ever heard of a varied and balanced diet?!    We have been huge fans for the past five years and highly encourage all you local readers in the Pays de Gex and Meyrin/Vernier part of Geneva to have a try.   In addition to getting fresh, organic produce, with zero food miles, where you and your children can see for yourself where it’s come from, you are supporting a family in your community, keeping agricultural land chemical-free, and promoting biodiversity.  A no-brainer!

Here’s a film my other half made, to give you an idea of what it’s all about:

Go for it!


Rain flowers

rain on my poppy heart
rain on my poppy heart

I never appreciated rain as much until I had a garden of my own.    A boyfriend once told me he loved rainy days most, and now I understand what he was on about.   Everything is so lush.   Last year’s July heatwave was devastating, but spring showers have completely transformed and renewed the garden.

rain flower sweet pea
tears on my sweetpea
rose bowed to the rain
rose bowed to the rain
drops in foliage love in the mist
love in the mist
purple petal rain
purple petal rain
stamen antennae silliness
water on leaf
the best rain catcher: Lady’s Mantle (Alchemmilla Mollis)

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!


Mulching the Christmas tree

Something I had imagined for several years came to fruition last week when I mulched the Christmas tree.  I have a new wood chipper, a birthday gift extraordinaire.   How satisfying to turn woody waste into a water retaining, weed suppressing, wonder product.  At the rate I’m mulching,  and the trips saved to the municipal dump, I’ll have amortised my green machine in no time.

xmas tree dried up
From dead tree taking up space…
mulch machine
…down the shoot they go
xmas tree mulched
…to mulch extraordinaire now strewn across the raspberry patch