The wonder of seeds

I made an amazing discovery this week.   A massive, homegrown forgotten courgette-turned-marrow had been happily sitting outside on the balcony for months, then for a couple of weeks inside in the hallway when I noticed the top was starting to rot and I got the push I needed to cut it open and prepare it for roasting.


As I emptied its innards to harvest the seeds, I used my nail to remove some bits from individual seeds.  Then I took a closer look and realized those “bits” were actually shoots!   And when I carefully removed some of the orange guck surrounding the seeds I realized the tangly white strands were roots!!


A whole lot of the courgette seeds had germinated INSIDE the marrow!!!   Blew my mind.   The tricky part had happened.  New life was already in the making.


I plopped them straight into some soil, and three days later, voila!


A week later and I now have 14 happy green seedlings on my windowsill.



Amazing how life will find a way.





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