Local home comforts and a warm cuppa

A little piece of loveliness has landed in the Pays de Gex in the village of Collonges: a modern design interior decoration shop and café called La pause déco.


A friend and I went recently to investigate.  Such a great surprise.   The kind of place I missed leaving urban-land, but need miss no longer!  Everywhere you look there’s a loving attention to detail, right down to the curved brushed steel handle at the entrance.
A wonderful palette of colours greets you when you enter,  patterned ceramics, wood and metal bar stools and Eames-style chairs, light fixtures, paintings, textiles, and more.
Think Orla Kiely and Scandinavian design with the added yes! factor that this one-woman enterprise also features the owner’s own “Lulu la chouette” textile creations and paintings, including stuffed sleeping clouds and this jolly owl.
When we arrived, the owner was sat in her “atelier” next to the coffee bar, at work sewing her next creation.  What a great set-up.
Hats off to the owner for having the guts to set up her own business, and offer something beautiful to her local community.    There are so many good reasons to support local business: it puts money back into the local economy and with less transport of goods, there’s an environmental argument to be made as well.
What’s more La pause déco is family-friendly with a corner for kids to play and a large toilet room equipped with changing table.
You can enjoy a hot drink and a piece of cake, cocooned in design comfort, the light streaming in through wide, arched windows.
It’s local, it’s hand created, it’s full of design love, with a warm cuppa to boot!

The wonder of seeds

I made an amazing discovery this week.   A massive, homegrown forgotten courgette-turned-marrow had been happily sitting outside on the balcony for months, then for a couple of weeks inside in the hallway when I noticed the top was starting to rot and I got the push I needed to cut it open and prepare it for roasting.


As I emptied its innards to harvest the seeds, I used my nail to remove some bits from individual seeds.  Then I took a closer look and realized those “bits” were actually shoots!   And when I carefully removed some of the orange guck surrounding the seeds I realized the tangly white strands were roots!!


A whole lot of the courgette seeds had germinated INSIDE the marrow!!!   Blew my mind.   The tricky part had happened.  New life was already in the making.


I plopped them straight into some soil, and three days later, voila!


A week later and I now have 14 happy green seedlings on my windowsill.



Amazing how life will find a way.