Spring has sprung

purple crocus first of spring

The first purple crocus has come out today.  This means spring!  In our garden, first come the yellows, as early as January, then the creamy white crocuses.  I wait, and wait, and when winter is finally on its way out, only then do the purple ones appear.  I’ve been down with the flu and it’s cheered me up no end.

creamy white crocuses

The weather forecast for the next week is calling for sun, sun, sun with rising temperatures – hooray!  Everything is waking up, jutting through the soil – all the bulbs promising colour everywhere.

white crocuses coming up thru the oregano

Right now is so exciting.   You have to get down close to the ground to appreciate all the new life springing up.    New shoots, soon green, start off bright red or pink.

tulip leaf tips in red

new pink growth in weed

A Lady’s Mantle’s leaves about to unfurl appear tightly folded like a fan.

lady's mantle new leaves

And my favourite: the hot brainy pokers that will soon stretch out and become the first rhubarb stems of the season!

rhubarb brains

rhubarb unfurls

After the slowness of winter when snow impedes any work, now everything is moving fast, fast, fast and there’s suddenly loads to do.    My first task has been to clear a raspberry bed and prune and cut out dead canes.    They are full of buds – all those stalks won’t be naked for long!

nude rasberry canes

Then there’s the veggie beds to prepare, manure and compost to lay down, the pea seeds to plant, the comfrey leaves to stew into fertilizer, the nettle soup to make….it all awaits!!!

Winter flu still has its grip, but not for long – sun and the garden will heal me!

crocuses open to the sun