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Cloth diaper

With the arrival of baby2 I’ve been having fun taking out all the mini baby clothes that were stored upstairs in our attic.  I also brought down a box full of “bum genius” cloth diapers.  They really are genius – they have pops that are adjustable and mean baby can wear the diapers from newborn to toddler stage.    They are easy to use, easy to wash and come in a range of happy colours.   I’m sure there are lots of other cloth diapers out there that are just as good, these are just the ones that I happened to come across when doing research across the net.

The experience of baby1 and the intense sleep deprivation that it entailed meant that – for now – I’ve given myself a break from using only cloth diapers and the additional laundry work it creates.    Images of diaper mountains at the dump don’t sit well with me, but during these early days, I’m also using the best eco disposable diapers I can find.    Moltex is great – available online.    The French supermarket Intermarché has also started its own-brand eco diaper, which is decent.  I had a nasty experience with Carrefour’s own brand eco diaper – the inner absorbent material leaked, or rather exploded all over my baby’s bum on the first and second try and was promptly returned.  From what I can tell, there is no such thing as a 100 per cent biodegradable disposable nappy.  Someone should invent one!

My sister-in-law over the pond uses a cloth diaper cleaning service, which sounds dreamy, but I haven’t heard of anything similar here.   Maybe a start-up business idea for the Pays de Gex?!

For more on the debate about re-useable nappies/diapers, the Guardian’s Dan Welch has some motivating statistics from the UK: